Collares Perro con malla para el antiparasitario en piel de nobuk negro

Lifetime warranty

Shipments in 24/48 hours

Size 35: Neck from 26 cm. to 32 cm.
Size 42: Neck from 30 cm. to 37 cm.
Size 50: Neck from 36 cm. to 45 cm.
Size 57: Neck from 43 cm. to 52 cm.
Size 65: Neck from 51 cm. to 60 cm.
Size 75: Neck from 61 cm. to 70 cm.

Grey Nubuck Leather

The new Tuynec collar for dogs is made to allow a regular flea and tick collar (not included) to be inserted on its underside. While still functioning as an anti-parasite device, the flea and tick collar stays protected against possible breakage or premature damage by any cause. The Tuynec Collar is made from elegant, soft-touch grey Nubuck leather.


Grey Nubuck Leather

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