Dog collars with anti-parasite mesh

Tuynec Collars

The only collar on the market with an inner mesh to protect your dog’s flea and tick collar

Advantages of our collars

Protects your dog’s flea and tick collar from damage, dirt and falling off

Your dog’s flea and tick collar stays in contact with the skin and lasts longer


Tuynec® collars are made from premium quality leather and Nubuk Leather, designed to be durable and resistant

Made in Spain

Our collars are manufactured entirely in Spain, both the raw material and assembly

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Our Tuynec dog collar

Some of our customers have sent us pictures of their dogs with our collars

Foto de chica con perro que lleva puesto un collar de perro tuynec
Garantizamos la calidad, ofreciendo garantía de por vida para todos nuestros collares tuynec

The high quality standards of our collars allow us to offer a lifetime warranty on all our products in case of manufacturing defects

What do Vets say?

Logo veterinarios

Tuynec® collars have been approved by vets and tested on dogs to guarantee the correct use of your dog’s flea and tick collar without altering its effectiveness

Los veterinarios garantizan la efectividad de los collares antiparasitarios usando las mallas de los collares tuynec

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